American English Pronunciation Seminar

We are happy to announce our first American English pronunciation seminar. This seminar will be held on Saturday February 16th, 2019 starting at 3pm. The seminar will be presented by Brian and Katy. We will explain many important concepts about American English pronunciation. In turn, this will help you in improving both your pronunciation and listening skills! The presentation will last for about 100 minutes. Additionally, you can find more information by clicking on this link.



Seating is limited to only six students per seminar. Reserve your spot for the American English Pronunciation Seminar as soon as possible!



Who is this pronunciation seminar for?

We have designed this seminar for anyone interested in understanding much more about American English pronunciation.



What English level is required to attend the pronunciation seminar?

It doesn’t matter what your English level is or your English ability.



Will this pronunciation seminar be too difficult for me to understand?

In fact, the presentation graphics will be in both English and Japanese language. Also, Katy (a native Japanese speaker), will be on hand to explain in Japanese when needed. This will allow more basic level students to easily follow along.



What will I learn at the pronunciation seminar?

You will learn about American vowels, consonants, syllables and sentence stress and accent. Other concepts include linkage, intonation and rhythm. In addition, you will learn about voiced and unvoiced sounds, phonics and much, much more. Don’t let that long list of topics frighten you! Brian will go over the basic concepts of American English pronunciation in a clear and simple step by step process. Katy will provide Japanese translation, as well! Therefore, by the end of the seminar, you will have a clear understanding of English pronunciation. Discover why English pronunciation has been so difficult for you in the past. But more importantly, you will learn how to move forward with improving your English pronunciation and listening skills in the future!